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Nothing To See Here is an annual magazine about visual culture, curated by Francesco Jodice and created as a part of Master in Photography and Visual Culture at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. 

NTSH intends to deepen, through the support of images, issues of geopolitical, territorial, urban, ecological, and visual culture. Each issue of the magazine is dedicated to the investigation of a specific topic, observed through its manifestations in the current, daily, near or distant reality, focusing attention on the present and its fraying, its aberrations, its elusive complexity. 

This year's topic was "Brand New Day". We, as students, were asked to imagine and visualise a scenario of one chosen day in the upcoming year. 

This issue of NTSH will be published in 2022 and distributed in:

Camera, Turin; Careof, Milan; Castello di Rivoli Museum, Turin; Fondazione Sandretto, Turin; GAMEC, Bergamo; GAM, Turin; Gogol & Company, Milan; Hangar Bicocca, Milan; Maxxi, Rome; Micamera Bookstore, Milan; MuFoCo, Cinisello Balsamo; NABA, Milan; oTTo, Milan; PAC, Milan; Triennale, Milan.

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